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A WORD ON...thank you notes.


Thank you notes! Let's talk about them! 

It is my impression that some number of years ago, thank you notes were more prevalent than they are now. Before email was a big thing and back when letter-writing was a more popular way of communicating, thank you notes were more common. At least that's how I imagine it. But no matter how common or normal or expected it used to be to send thank you notes, it just isn't anymore. Sure, for big events like bridal showers, weddings and graduation parties, thank you's are still the polite thing to do.  Thanks to these big events thank you notes aren't dead yet!

But I think that we can and should use thank you notes more. I think we should bring them back! The truth is thank you notes can be kind of a pain and not something you look forward to for a big event when you have dozens to write. But for a little event, a solo gift or experience it could be quite fun to write a thank you note! It is nice to go into a paper store and pick out some stationary that suits you. And handwriting is a nice change of pace these days when everything is done on the computer. I like writing every once-in-a-while. It's nice to remember what my handwriting looks like and it really does feel like a small creative outlet. 

Not only can it be fun and nice for you to write the thank you note, it is fun and really nice to receive a thank you note. I don't think there is anyone that would be really upset that they got a thank you note. A thank you note really expresses your gratitude and makes the receiver feel good!

Try writing a thank you for something and give it to someone in your life and tell us about your experience! 



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