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Setting Weekly Goals

Goals lead to success right? You probably have some really big goals or accomplishments that you are reaching towards. I know I do. I have some general goals and then some more specific goals that I think will lead me to success and happiness in my life and career. These goals are dependent on time and are not immediately achievable, they are long term goals. These long term goals are important but short term goals are important as well. It's important to set goals on a smaller scale. Setting weekly goals can contribute to not only success but also happiness and well-being.  Each week, try setting a few goals in different areas of your life. 

Here are some tips: 

Remember to practice SMART goals.While the definition of SMART varies and many different words can be applied to each letter, smart goals are S-specific M-measurable A-attainable R-realistic T-timely. 

The writer of  "30 Goals Ideas to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul", separates goals in to three categories, mind, body and soul. She also sets small goals that will help lead to bigger goals. 

Another article, "Set Weekly Goals to Balance Your Act" suggests sitting down each week to set your weekly goals and then keeping that list of goals visible throughout the week. The writer also records his accomplishments at the end of the week

It's Monday so make the choice to try out weekly goal-setting this week. Today try to write down a few goals for this week, whether they are work-related, exercise-oriented or just something fun and see if you can accomplish them by the end of the week. Comment below and let us know how you do!

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