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Enjoy Your Weekend More (and get more energy!)

The weekend is a time to have fun and relax. If you are off on the weekend there is certainly expectations to relax, have fun, and maybe get a few things checked off your non-work related to do list. Even if you work on the weekend there is just something that makes the weekend feel a little different and fresher than any other day during the week. 

The weekend is a time to rest because you may be very tired from the week.You probably expend a lot of energy during the week and find that you are absolutely exhausted during the weekend. If you had more energy during the week, you might not need the entire weekend to catch up or work as hard to regain some of your energy. If you just had a little more energy, you could enjoy your weekend more and get a lot more out of it. This weekend try to find healthy ways to boost your own energy and really use the weekend to help yourself get rejuvenated.


Here are some great articles that discuss how to make small changes during the week to boost your energy (you can try these changes this weekend too and really get your week started off right on Monday!) and how to have better weekends: 

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