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We are dedicated to helping our customers. We want you to have a great experience using our products.  Here are some great resources to help you get the most out of your products. 

How To Install A Pen Loop:

The Arune Pen Loop can be installed with 5 simple steps.  

1. CLEAN the surface. If possible, use alcohol to clean the surface. Then wait until the surface is dry. 

2. INSERT pen/pencil into the elastic loop of the pen loop. 


*It is best to install the pen loop with the pen/pencil that you want to use already in the elastic loop of the pen loop because it will give you more control and ensure that your pen and pen loop are exactly where you want them to be in relation to your notebook. 

3. REMOVE paper backing. Peel off the base's paper backing to expose the adhesive (this can be tricky as the paper is sometimes a little stubborn, but one you lift a little edge up, the paper should come off pretty easily)

4. AFFIX the loop base to a paper or cardboard surface (i.e inside back cover of notebook) so the back edge of the elastic loop rests flush up against the edge of the surface. 

5. PUSH & HOLD the adhesive base for 30 seconds.  


ENJOY using your pen loop!


Watch the Tutorial: 


 How to Improve Your Moleskine or Other Journal: 

Watch this video from our CEO, Brian on how to hack your journal.He'll show you how to make the best revisions to your existing journal to upgrade it and get the most use out of it. Check out Hack #3 and check out our catalog to get yours today! 

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