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About us


Our Story:

Arune was created in 2012 from a simple idea. Our CEO, Brian Frankel, had a creative idea that would serve as the seed for our company.  Brian is a paper junkie and creative soul who relies on notebooks and paper to express himself and organize his thoughts. He often found himself with ruined binding on his notebooks because he left his pen inside. He decided right then and there to create something that would help keep his pens close to his treasured notebooks.  He worked on the design and started making pen loops in his basement.  Arune took off and that one creative seed grew into the company we are today.  We are still growing and remain committed to filling the world with more expression, creativity, and happiness.

Our Ideals:

We believe that expression is a key element to happiness and success. We want everyone to be able to express themselves effortlessly and often. We believe that an expressed person can change the world.

Expression serves many different purposes and comes in many forms. We are dedicated to facilitating the many types of positive expression. We are dedicated to helping professionals, artists, students, and creatives. We aim to give all people the opportunity to readily convey their ideas, carry out tasks, complete projects, and create art.

We are dedicated to our customers. We are constantly working to provide solutions and create more for our customers. We are helping our customers express themselves, organize and create. We are helping our customers find success and fulfill their dreams.

Together, with our customers,we hope to fill the world with expression and creativity. We believe that a world full of expression and creativity is a happier, more peaceful world. Together we can make a difference.

Our  Name:

The name of our company, Arune, comes from a combination of names and cultures. We drew inspiration from the names Aaron, Arun, and Rune, to create a name that embodies our ideals.

Aaron is derived from the ancient hebrew words meaning “high mountain” or exalted. This meaning inspired us to aim high and dedicate our company to helping others reach their full potential. Aaron was the brother of Moses, the high priest of the Israelites. The Israelite’s religion is based on a book and the Israelites are often referred to as the people of the book. We were inspired by this name because it shows the power of written word and the power of a book.

Arun in Hindi means “first morning light” and refers to the reddish glow in the morning sky at dawn. This name inspired us to create a company that not only helps people reach their creative flow but also gives back to the world.

Rune, is a word used by ancient Germanic people. It refers to the alphabetic characters they used for their written form of communication. They used the symbols as their form of writing to identify sacred objects, make calendars, encode secret messages, and mark funeral monuments. This magical language reminded us of the importance of written word and inspired us to create products that uphold the written word and written expression.

Our Team: 

Brian Frankel, CEO 

Brian is the founder of our company, an artist and a filmmaker. He lives in Silver Spring, MD and is the dad of an amazing daughter.  Brian's hobbies include writing, traveling and scuba diving. 

 Anna Kabis, Media and Marketing

Anna is a senior at American University studying Film and Theater. She is from Severna Park, MD. Some of Anna's favorite artistic expressions are acting and writing. Her hobbies include running and going to the movies.

Ndyia Boissiere, Graphic Design Intern

Ndyia received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Old Dominion University. She concentrated in Drawing and Design and is now a graphic designer and painter. She is from Washington, DC. She plays acoustic guitar and her hobbies include roller skating and playing video games. 


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