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Importance of Creativity

Creativity is at times easier said than done. Some of us may really embrace creativity in our lives and some might not. If you ask me there is always room for creativity in any lifestyle and it is important to find a balance between our creative mind and our analytical mind.

In our world sometimes creativity gets lost and we forget the benefits of creativity.  But how can we introduce more creativity into our lives? And why is it so important anyway? 

An article in Business News Daily titled Why Creativity Matters Most for Entrepreneurs says that creativity is more critical to success than intelligence. The Huffington Post article The Importance of Being Creative in Everyday Life, says that creativity is important no matter what your life path is but warns that creativity and hard work go hand and hand. 

Here at Arune we believe in creativity too and always want to  harness creativity however we can. Make sure you sign up for our 7 Day Creativity Challenge if you haven't yet to boost your creativity. 


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