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All Variety Pack 12

All Variety Pack 12

$ 25.85

The Arune Pen Loop was ­a Finalist for BEST NEW PRODUCT at the 2016 National Stationery Awards.The Arune Pen Loop lets you add a pen or pencil to your notebook, sketchbook, or journal so you can have your favorite writing tools nearby when needed.

This 12 Pack features one of every type of pen loop!

It includes: 1 medium White Pen Loop, 1 medium Blue Pen Loop, 1 medium Orange Pen Loop, 1 medium Green Pen Loop, 1 medium Brown Pen Loop, 1 medium Pink Pen Loop,1 medium Red Pen Loop, 1 Medium Black Pen Loop, 1 Large Black Pen Loop, 1 Extra Large Black Pen Loop, and 2 Pen & Stylus Loops.

With a self-adhesive for quick and easy application, the Arune Pen Loop lets you have a instrument when you need it without damaging the binding of your book. This product is made from synthetic leather and a strong elastic loop. It looks great and is cruelty free.

Our Pen Loop was originally designed to work with notebooks and journals. The adhesive is meant to work on paper, cardboard, and similar surfaces.  The Pen & Stylus Loop , is a multi-surface loop. It is made from different materials and is specifically designed to work on a variety of items including tech devices and notebooks.

We offer a variety of other colors, sizes and styles (please see the catalog for specific item descriptions):


  • Medium: For most standard pens up to about 3.5 cm in circumference.
  • Large:  For instruments about 3cm to 4cm in circumference.
  • X-Large: For instruments about 4cm to 5cm in circumference
  • The Pen & Stylus Loop: Made from rigid plastic and adhesive specifically made for your tech devices (fits small to medium sized pens and stylus)

    We are dedicated to happy customers, so please realize we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments. You are why we are here, please contact us and tell us how we can help.

    Custom sizes, colors, shapes, imprints, screen prints, and other materials available for special order. Bulk order is available. Please see the page More Products  for more details.

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