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We Love Trees

Hey guys, 

We just want to remind you that we really care about the environment. It's important for everyone to care about the environment and to remember that there are many ways we can help. We are creatives, writers, and artists and we like to use paper. We love paper so we want to do our part to give back and be environmentally responsible. Our way to give back is through trees. For every sale, we plant a tree. 

Here are the four reasons we plant trees: 

1. Reforestation: We like using paper but we don't like deforestation. Even though we always recycle, we want to plant trees to help restock the world's supply of trees and contribute to reforestation. 

2. Planting trees helps people: Planting trees gives people jobs and enhances passion and purpose. Planting trees gives also provides a food supply for the nearby community. 

3. Reduces Fossil Fuels. When we plant trees, it provides food to people. Those people will no longer need their food to be transported to them. Less food in transit  means less cars on the road which means trees help decrease the amount of fossil fuels in the environment. 

4. Reduces Carbon Dioxide and adds oxygen. Trees have the special ability to take carbon dioxide out of the air and add oxygen to the air. So planting trees helps us get rid of the unwanted carbon dioxide and add some precious oxygen to our air. 

Be sure to go to our causes page to learn more about our partners and efforts to better the environment. 

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